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. _______ ____ _________ _______ _____ _______________ _____ ______ ________ _____ ______ ________ _____ ______ _________ _______ _____ ________________________ _____ ____ ________ _______ _____ __________ _____________________________________________________________________ WELDING. _____________________________________________________________________ THE BLOCK. IT is my duty to examine the properties of the block. The block will be used as an article of property for myself and my immediate family. I am going to use it as a heating source, refrigerator, and food storage. I will use it as a table, desk, and bed when I am at home and when I am not working away. Furthermore, I believe that the block is my personal property, and as such is protected by U.S. copyright law. The block of steel is used as a block lot. As such, I will have exclusive rights to the block of steel as an article of property until I sell it or permanently acquire a different property of the same type. I understand that I will not dispose of or transfer the block of steel to an agent, trustee, or any third party without my written permission, and that the block will be kept at the address I gave. I have been in business for approximately ten years now. My business experience and knowledge is extensive. I have had no problems with quality control, quality control problems, or quality assurance. I will be very careful and will make sure that the quality of the product is perfect. My business is very competitive in its pricing and offers its products at a reduced price so that everyone can benefit from it. I will take a reasonable interest in the success of the block lot and will ensure that it is kept in good repair, and that it is kept in good repair for years to come, as this product is still in use by many people. I am going to sell the block to a qualified person of adequate skill and character. Furthermore, I know that the qualified person will honor the rights and keep the copyright to the block. Furthermore, I will keep a record that the block is mine and that I own it. This record will be kept for ten years, and after ten years will be destroyed. I have also found that this block of steel will serve as a table, desk, and bed when I am away from my home. It will be a good place to study and think.
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The licensure and certification application form HS 200 is a multi-purpose form used for all facility types that are licensed by the Department of Public Health centralized applications ranch the HS 200 is a four-page form broken up into sections application information licensee information facility agency or clinic information and property information each section is required to be filled out and the information is used by the provider to report to the centralized applications branch the type of application being submitted for processing during this instruction I will provide an overview of the information required for each section I will use the term facility when also referring to a clinic or agency I will also use the term cab when referring to the centralized applications branch let's begin page 1 you will notice in the top right corner of page 1 there is a box that states for departmental use only please do not enter any information in this box section an application information number one type of application it is really important to identify the correct type of application you are submitting there are four choices initial change of ownership or Chow management company or other change select initial if you are applying for initial licensure this means that you have never been licensed to change of ownership or Chow you are licensed and are changing ownership you would only select Chow when the proposed licensees' employer identification number or an as assigned by the IRS is different from the current owners an if the and has not changed the application type is considered a stop transfer management company information regarding a management company will be provided in Section C other changes select this field to report all changes to an existing licensed facility number to fill out only if you are submitting a Chow number three amount of fee enclosed please do not submit any fees with your appliquéing once all of your application documents are received you will be contacted by cab regarding your fee number for type of change please check all that apply this is the area where you report your changes if the type of change is not listed check other and write the change please refer to the provider checklist to determine the documents required to be submitted for the type of change you have indicated number five identify your facility type only select one if you own multiple facility types you will need to submit a separate application for each number six and seven requires a yes or no answer if you are applying for Medicare or medical if yes fill out the corresponding fields number eight if you are already licensed enter the current and proposed bed or capacity for initial licensure only enter the proposed bed or capacity number nine enter a numerical age range of the clients that you currently or propose to serve number 10 provide the days and hours of operation number eleven is construction required yes or no if your facility is undergoing...
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